You are a part of me i do not know yet…..

Day 19

Practice Writing

Impenetrable thick wounds show up in conflict, consciously and unconsciously. Most times unconsciously. The work of bringing shadow, our woundedness to light helps us recognize patterns we get stuck in. The risky part i believe is finding courage/ vulnerability to show up to ourselves when triggered/activated/hooked; show up to the kinda hook that has us up at night looping back to the heated exchange, over and over.; the tug in our gut, the humming bird beat in our chests, the itch we itch when we know the itch will spread if we keep itching; the blame we blame on the other or circumstance or the other’s other; the mental and emotional anguish that won’t allow us to ask ourselves, ‘What part of this conflict is mine?’

In Sobaz and I’s Walking the Path of Conflict series the hope is participants move towards, lean into, explore, reflect, try on different ways of being in/with conflict, build awareness, capacity to submerge, engage;  experience conflict (not violence) as a dance, a martial arts form like aikido moving with, not against the energy of the other; unearthing our edges, practicing boundaries; stretching into new depths; not giving up on one another or ourselves; practicing wonder and curiosity “You are a part of me I do not know yet.” Look into the mirror and say, “Damn, here am i.”

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