What I’ve Learned in 30 day writing practice:

Day 30

30 day/30 minute writing practice

What I have learnt in the past thirty days:

Intention and attention are everything.

Knowing people are reading/ expecting new pieces each day is a great motivation AND not the healthiest path when social media is part of the equation;

Fragile ego thwarts momentum to let loose;

I love me a thesaurus;

The deep erotic pleasure of shaping, bending, let loosing, sculpting, edging, smoothing, churning words, sentences, paragraphs;Piano through ear phones fill up the body with such pleasure propelling fingers to key board releasing exquisite energy;

I can stay in my seat and write even when nothing is flowing;

21 days does not necessarily create a habit but it’s a good start in digging the grooves;

scribbling ideas down as they come (even at the most inconvenient time) is a good strategy in not getting stuck wondering what to write next;

Thirty minutes can be as long as you want as long as you sit for thirty minutes;

The writing groove/process does not always feel comfortable and/or liberatingThe mind is slippery and playful and arrogant and judgy and preachy and humble and needy and wondrous and fearful and craves easiness and longs for recognition and begs for distraction and sets fire to words, lights up the nervous system in the most delectable exquisite way;

Inviting one’s ancestors on the journey each day is a beautiful lean on;

Placing one’s hands on the keys and requesting guidance from the spirits is a trustworthy path forward;

Its not easy coming to a different focused piece each day and it’s possible and doable;

Writing is similar energy to running up old wooded roads and/or paths bordering rivers;

How easy it is to get attached/addicted to ‘likes’ and encouraging ‘comments’;

The path forward for me: create accountability through smaller circles of creatives (looking forward sister Ama and Cindy!);

Writing is my path for life;

Leonard Cohen’s words “forget your perfect offering” is not so easy and that’s why it’s my mantra! Thanks everyone for coming on this journey with me!!!

Looking forward to sharing more and more….

Blessed love


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