We Need Each Other Fiercely

i thought i would share a recent note sent to a beloved community of co creators i belong to.
“i am sorry i cannot share inspirational space with you all on this day due to technical glitches and family challenges. i am here in Ottawa helping my Dad transition into full care residency. For the past month i have been working hard to build community around dad both in the hospital and here in his new Home. Learning lots. Teachings that crack my heart wide open and teachings that make me want to curl up and weep for this money making world at the costs of our wise lived Elders.
Dad is in a care facility owned by a multi national with underpaid, overworked and stressed staff, caught in this capitalist racist system. His care community is the World! and i am honoured to be in community with folks from the Mother Continent and other parts of the world for this short time and i also recognize how frustrating it must be for care workers not to have the time or energy to provide what we all long for, what we all need CONNECTION and BELONGING especially when majority of the care workers are coming from cultures where Elders are revered and honoured.
Dad has been stoic and participatory! as he goes along with me buzzing him up and down the halls giving attention and presence to those we meet: residents and care workers, cleaning and maintenance staff, managers and directors, other visitors of beloved family. Dad and i building relations, building beloved community in elevators, lounges, dining rooms, hallways and smoking areas! Reconfirming over and over….. the way forward is through finding, building, nurturing beloved community!! We need each other fiercely!

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  1. Dear Maureen,

    Thank you for sharing this personal piece about you and your dad and building a community for him.

    Yes, it really sucks that capitalist monsters get richer while many of our elders and their families struggle to pay such high fees.

    I am happy to hear you are still there in Ottawa with your dad. He is blessed to have you! Many of us wouldn’t take it even consider taking such precious time to be with our folks. Kudos to you.

    I’m sure it is challenging at times! I send love and hugs across the miles. I send up prayers of peace and comfort to your dad. May this journey be full of conversation, wisdom and building more treasured memories.

    Stay strong my sister! ♥️

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