We Home

We home! Back in Grenada, back in the Village, back with Theo, cats, dog, evening parrots, a show off pawpaw tree; Peter Tosh waking me up; mammoth clouds sauntering across sky; sun thick stripes reflecting on sea; SAASS school children running/walking by (first cross- country since covid); coconut, mango, banana, skinup kin dancing with the breeze; fried fish, rice and peas, stewed pumpkin in belly; Aruna, Mr. Killa and radio guest speaking, laughing, honouring women’s pregnant bodies; cocoa tea boiling over; ‘You hoo’ singing up and down to neighbour Yvonne. We home, we home nesting back into the nest.

And on this day one of return, a container built once again for more focused writing . Another thirty day, thirty minute practice. A small group of us coming together again, born from January’s beloved community with Gibran Rivera. This small ‘boost your practice’ crew tenderly cheering and holding one another as we create personalized intentions for the next thirty days.

I commit to another month of daily writings. A thirty minute/thirty day container to hold whatever pieces of writing/reflections flow, dance, slug, spill, erupt, trickle through these fingers. I will speak truth, my truth through thirty minute free writes and sharing them publicly.

Today is day one of two returns, home and writing practice.

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