This is a White Privilege Issue

May we, white folks find the courage to watch ‘When They See Us’ a powerful heart wrenching true story that depicts what systematic and structural racism looks like and the atrocities its placed on five young innocent black youth, their families and communities. Systematic racial harm and injury is not a people of colour issue, it’s a white privilege issue. We too belong to a racial group and we must confront this and the privileges we hold in order to work fiercely, in solidarity and side by side to change systems that continue to violently downpress people of color. We need to claim ourselves as a race too and engage one another in our history, our power, and impact we hold on each other and other races. Please don’t shy away from this film. Watch it. Find other white folks to be brave and vulnerable with and use the film as a springboard to uncomfortable critical conversations and work towards taking action and standing up to systems and structures that violently rob so many people of their humanity.
Doing nothing is a white folk privilege. I am open to forming a circle here on fb to do the work with one another. Lets commit To live a divided life no longer!! A powerful book to help with this process is Ruth King’s Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out.

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