There is Joy to Waking Up

Day 22

30 day/30 minute (minimum) writing practice

Notes pulled from a 30 minute free write

There is Joy to Waking Up

What keeps us from understanding our collective human story, the Story, the myth, fallacy, façade we’ve all been born into, the Story we’ve all bought, integrated, colluded, normalized and naturalized.

a Story, fallacy, myth, facade that we’ve all been traumatized by

(of course drastically in different ways)

We are a traumatized species

Can we find our way back to our collective story with books like Isabel Wilkerson, Caste the Origins of our Discomfort and her powerful, deeply disturbing necessary truths?

White folks can we build our capacity to not take this collective Story personally

rather own it unabashedly

and wake up

This is the path,

the path of deep collective waking up

a reach towards finding our path work;

This is hard, messy, deep into the belly of our collective shadow work;

can we find the time,

the courage,

to read, listen, dialogue,

to regulate nervous systems and be in community?

Can we find community

and walk this path,

commit to waking up together

There is joy to waking up

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