The Luck of a Brilliant Morning

Watching rain come. Multitude of greys sweep across sky and sea. Swoosh of water rippling white tendrils. Lonely heron overhead. Breeze on body. Knees to chest. Banana on tongue. Elders on shore scrubbing down skin with sand. Legs stretching. Sea bodies surrendering. Matching breath with swoosh of sea on shore. Clothes flung to ground. A run and dive. Grey leaping sea, welcoming.
Give thanks for another day of life. Tomorrow may not be so lucky or next month or week. The world crumbling around us and yet for those able to dive head first into welcoming waters do so rejoicing our good luck while holding those not so lucky, whispering then shouting into the rain, “There’s no giving up on luck distributed equitably in a new world imagined.”

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