Stay with tumultuous periods of reckoning   

Oh troubling joy I am troubled this morning.

How can any of us not be?  

Can we still find joy amongst the crisis and chaos of our lives and the world?

Can we stay tuned in?                                         

Can we find our people, our communities

 to support and be supported?

Can we stay in our nervous systems?


Can we witness, stay and love  our problematic selves;

not flee the buzz and whirl of frenetic minds

 and feel the roots of this frenzy?

Re root.

You got this.


Feel the urge to flee

Come back

Succumb and come back 

Over and over come back

Stop berating privilege;

rather use as weaponry.

This is the work.  A constant re rooting.

Feel the body and her wondrous and debilitating sensations.

There is only one of you who can do you.

Do you.

 Leave ‘compare’ by the side of the road.


Recoil not.

Let Haiti in.

Let the terror of Afghan women in,

Let images of Afghan men hanging from planes in,

Let the rising cases of covid in Grenada in,

Let the chopping in,

Let raging fires in,

Let the global unpopularized stories of violence in,

Build capacity for letting in

Hold with the strength of a million Dhali Lamas,

With the fierceness of Kali,

the connectedness of trees

Re root and  


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