San Francisco: Soul Rebel Territory

Maya and I.   San Francisco. In the heart of resistance territory! Cant think of a more appropriate place to celebrate Maya and I’s momentous earth strong days (50 and 16!) We come to visit our dear warrior women friends Sharon and Susie (central women within my first 50 years, touching Maya’s first 16).We  settle in and are surrounded by soul rebel artists, writers, musicians, educators, activists as soon as we step out our door. Hosted by one of those soul rebels, Sharon Johnson who fought and continues to fight ceaselessly for peace and justice, who worked from the Inside for many years as did her friend and colleague, Harvey Milk, Randy Shilts and many many others.

Maya and I exploring neighbourhoods. Monday Hunter’s Point; Tuesday Castro and Mission district; Wednesday Upper and Lower Haight district; Wednesday China Town, Little Italy and North Beach district. Today we are back to the Mission District to inhale city murals, bookshops, cafes, parks and Latino street food!




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