Reclaiming Our Bodies, Our Desires

Day 23

30 days/30 minute (minimum) writing practice

I’ve been thinking about writing erotic fiction for youth for a long time now.

Not having a full bodied writing practice has held me back; ‘full bodied’ writing practice oh how appropriate those words fall from my pen.

I believe sexual harm and repression born of a patriarchal, misogynist, heteronormative, capitalist, imperialist Story are the roots of sexual violence. We are born into the myth of our bodies as dirty, revolting, untrustworthy; our desires needing to be curbed restrained and abstained from.

We are born believing as children exploring our bodies with our own hands and even our minds as shameful and sinful. We are born into a belief of male entitlement over women and children’s bodies. And we were born into a perpetual and shameful silence when it comes to talking about sex that is nourishing and freed.We’ve been cut off from our bodies. We’ve bought into sex as:

Immoral if not for the sake of children

Exclusively for marriage

Exclusively between able bodied men and women

male dominated and warranted

unclean, shameful

goal oriented,

hairless, tight, thin and/or perfectly proportioned,

trauma ignored,

denied as a human need

feared and repressed

I think often how to convey to young adults’ healthy ways of being in our sensual sexual bodies and ways of satisfying ourselves and one another that is delicious and slow and consensual and reciprocal and shameless and communicative and alive with honour and pride.

I am deeply grateful for the healing of my own story, a healing that allowed me to bring to maya a healthy sense of her own body and consciousness to the most natural longing we all carry, the pleasure our miraculous beautiful bodies can give us alone and with others.

Thank you Jean Auel for your Clan of the Cave Bear series Maya read when she was 14 years. She gobbled the five books up leaving them worn and dog eared, to be found easily if needed. I read the series over the past year and laughed to myself when I found the dog eared pages, pages that held such exquisite life giving scenes of love making that were all of the above, reciprocal, loving, consensual and so much more!

So much to write here. This is going to be a longer piece as there is much to say and much to share like the time when……

tomorrow. tomorrow…..

i loved this anthology The Gates of Paradise 1993 Alberto Manguel! Discovered in my 20’s!

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