Practice Makes Practice Not Perfection

Day Fourteen

Writing Practice

‘Just return’ I hear Reverend Angel’s voice from the online retreat with Upaya community last weekend. Just return. Simply. Gently. Kindly. Firmly. Return to the breath, to writing, to walking, to sitting. Return to the body, to point, to here, to now, over and over just return.

So here I am returning to my 30 minute/30 day writing practice, returning to Day Fourteen.

Hello Day Fourteen, thank you for your patience. I am back carrying with me ideas for the practice. And yes I wrote them down, thanks for asking. They are scattered across the pages of my journal, like the ‘why’ of Maya and I’s matching ‘bittersweet’ tattoos; or the piece I started a few weeks ago ie, Unsolicited Advice: Thank You But No Thank You; or reflections on sightings of wildlife, the pack of coyotes I witnessed running across a field and into the woods last weekend, the familiar rapture from witnessing wildlife, me frenetically dialing numbers Theo, Maya, Bara, Karen and Stephen to share COYOTES; or recent revelations, me a daughter of Eve as a result of a creation story I was force fed and not the daughter of Skywoman, a creation story I was silently purposely denied and the impact this has had in my own unfolding story.

Oh the gift of return. Just return. Returning to the practice over and over knowing practice makes practice not perfection. I read that last sentence somewhere recently.

photo: reverend angel Kyodo williams

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