People Tying People Up

“People tying people up,”
he say after we hear police go with a neighbor.
I contemplate ‘tie up’
Can someone tie you up so bad you commit acts of atrocities like interfere with a child? Or chop a woman? Or accuse man of rape when they never touch anyone? Or find yourself with a wound the size of your thigh that won’t heal? Or thief a set of money from a workplace you love? Or slice the thumb off your cousin over a small disagreement? Or marry the rum and divorce your wife? Or run over someone on the road and flee the country? Or throw words of death at your neighbor to find your own child dead the same day? or lash out at a co worker with words from your mouth you never heard before?

Do we tie up ourselves without realizing we tie up?
Do other people tie us up?
Does intergenerational trauma tie us up?
Are we absolved when we believe someone tie us up?
Do our histories tie us up?
Our ancestors? Our stories conscious and unconscious?
Does the devil tie us up? Evil? Bad mind? Is bad mind a tie up?
When do we take responsibility for being tied up?
Can we consciously tie up one another?
Is tie up unconsciousness?

Can I sit with tie up?
Contemplate tie up without an answer?
Can i sit with whatever my neighbor did or did not do
and not tie up my head with stories of tie up?

by maureen st.clair

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