November 30th

Another ending to Nanowrimo, National Novel writing Month. Did I complete 50,000 words in a month as planned? No. Did I complete 17,178 words in a month not planned? Yes! 45 pages into a next story; 17,178 words deeper into characters, characters growing, breathing, shouting, whispering, crying, beating their fists, making love inside me. Clarice. Norah. Javier. Judy.  Forty-five pages sinking deeper into consciousness, the story and her inhabitants working their magic even when I’m not writing.

I look up on my wall and see Virginia Woolf’s words encased by crumpled spider webs “Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” And another old inspirational note half falling but still shouting monumental instructions: “Keep your hand moving. Lose control. Be specific. Don’t think. Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation. You are free to write the worst junk. Go for the jugular. Thanks nanowrimo for jump starting yet another story. And stay tuned my first novel, Big Island, Small also sparked by nanowrimo coming out this spring by Roseway/Fernwood Publishing! Full of gratitude this rainy morning.

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