Noticing the Shift

Day 12

30 day/30 minute (minimum) writing practice

Witnessing the slipperiness of mind. Grateful for a daily sitting practice. Building mental muscle to notice the internal workings and patterns of this slippery mind. For example early this morning I was stuck in old childhood storylines, stuck in going over one story over and over. And then I call Theo. And I notice how fast Grenada lands in my body. A swoosh of warmth rising into a smile. Theo’s laugh as he shares the past few days in Grenada, people un cancelling carnival. Theo laughing big and I am laughing big with him. All that childhood stickiness starts to loosen and I am no longer in my head entangled in complicated stories. I am in Paradise, St. Andrew’s where the police closed down the bridge to Grenville barring limited movement of the people’s carnival.

“You feel Grenadians easy?” he says

He says he’s not heard of fighting this season because people too busy uniting and standing up/dancing up to the government’s cancellation of carnival. They can’s stop the Jab. They can’t stop the Mass. They cant stop the dancing , the conch shell blowing, the spoon on bottle rhythms, the tar up bodies, the steady pom pom pom of the drum, they cant stop one large mass of people moving through the center of Sauteurs.

The government and police humble cause they cant stop carnival this year. A protest of people out in the streets, uniting, taking a stand even if that stand could lead to spread of covid (fortunately Grenada has not had a community spread outbreak).

No matter how we may feel about those who defied the government/defied the police in order to jump up there was a unity birthed. And yes many of us wish this kinda energy, this kinda unity could also be directed towards social and environmental injustices of a higher degree it’s still a kinda harmony that is infectious and mind altering!

Thank you Theo for sharing this morning. Sticky childhood memories untangle and become more fluid and malleable. I notice the shift. In the moments of noticing I choose the vivaciousness of Theo’s 2021 carnival stories.  

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