Multiple World Woman

Multiple world woman
with pose and presence
fierce kindness
and boundaries
walking through
your own
and those
spinning and spanning
around you

Multiple world woman
Grenadian Canadian Irish Italian
Mother land Africa
a book spread wide
on a sea facing
pages like
riding shorelines

Multiple world woman
from cinnamon tea skin
to ancestral
baby toes curled
a shawl, cloak, jacket,
a warrior backpack
stitched of cocoa farmers
nutmeg gatherers
kitchen gardeners
teachers protectors
lawyers and judges
carriers of sorrow
and disappointment
resentment and grudges
artists and artisans
bakers and bell makers,
survivors and thrivers
centuries of historical atrocities

Multiple world woman
your wings have sprung
like the burnt sugar curls
on your head
raising their soft fists
in the air
preparing the wind
for departure
and there we will be
On the other side of
grateful you entered our lives
so you could glide past us
into the multiple meanings
of you
multiple world woman

Maureen St.Clair

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