Mood. Goals. Vibes. Delight.

Delight. This morning a large man in slippers walking his cat. When was the last time you saw a middle aged, white man in the middle of a city moving at the slow meandering pace of a tip-toeing cat?

Delight. Last night a group of tattooed muscled men from the recovery residence across the street taking turns on a scooter; up and down, side to side, looping and laughing from street to sidewalk and back again.  

Delight. A paw tenderly tapping my left shoulder from behind while I sit cross legged with Thich Nhat Hanh.  Little Bee, our 18 year feline friend begging for attention.

Delight. I hold the door open for two women balancing ice cream cones. The woman coming up from behind says thank you when she notices her friend not noticing a door held wide open.

Delight two men reclined against the wall of a LCBO. They both look up at Maya and I passing and shout, “Take care of each other!”  

Delight and a little annoying. While stopped at a traffic light I notice a youth man bouncing down busy city street, a smile on his face. He resembles Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, not a care in the world, smiling and bouncing and being… I call out ‘vibes’. Maya stoops, “That’s not ‘vibes’ mom that’s ‘mood’, stick to your ‘delight’.

A mom waiting for a bus holding the hand of her child, a cigarette dangling from her bottom lip, I call out ‘goals’. Maya smiles. She gets it, to be so free and not care what the world may think of her!

Goals, mood, vibes, delight apparently to Maya there is a difference which I’m still pondering…

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