may i always be mindful and more…

Amalfi Coast

Deep gratitude Arlene Pilgrim, dear friend and sistren who said if you’re going to Italy you must go to the Amalfi Coast. On Friday, we rode metro then train to bus and within a couple hours we were driving the coast of Positano and Amalfi in awe and wonder! Maya was thrilled to finally spend a day with English speaking folks from Italy, Scotland, France, US, Grenada/Canada! We drank lemon cello, went to ceramic galleries, took photos of the most exquisite goddess blessed landscapes and seascapes, took a boat and experienced the beauty from the sea, walked the cobbled stone alleyways of Amalfi, the cerulean blue waters, returned to Naples ten hours later.

As we travel through these beautiful exquisite sights I am deeply mindful of this freedom to travel, to journey by choice, to inhale such divine beauty. I write this as I read the plight of 4,500 people/refugees rescued in the Mediterranean sea two days ago, June 23rd the day before we travel and devour beauty for beauty’s sake. 4,500 people come to Italy on boats spilling over with other seekers of refuge, seekers of life, seekers of a right to life. Their life. Their freedom. Their right.

May I always be mindful. May I always be mindful and more. May I always take these unearned privileges and live a politically socially economically spiritually responsible life and do what I can with these privileges to fight in solidarity for justice and peace for all!


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