Maureen St.Clair’s Debut Short Story Collection

A synopsis for this collection of short stories i am working on to create intentionality and accountability for myself!

On a Wall a Picture
A Collection of Short Stories
By Maureen St.Clair

In this collection St. Clair observes complicated relationships while two worlds converge, Canada and the Caribbean. With extraordinary grace St. Clair paints radical joy and liberation in the midst of human longing and loneliness.
A young Canadian mother ventures to the north side of a Caribbean island, the opposite side of the gated university community where she lives with her husband and child. On this side of the island she finds intimacy with a young local man and is ready to leave behind her family in exchange for visibility.

A bi-racial young man is caught in the cross cultural, racial, gender power dynamics of his parents whose mother cuts his father out of the young boy’s life. From a young age Kwame believes his father abandoned him until he finds himself on the island his father was born and discovers the family knows him well.

A development worker finds for the first time her body desirable, sensual, beautiful; admired by men and women on a small Caribbean island where she travels on a work contract. She moves through a series of lovers until she finds a man who loves her for more then her body. Violence occurs. Her body is changed. She is sent a return ticket home. She makes an unexpected choice.

A wife considers leaving her Grenadian husband after a near death car accident as their cultural, racial, spiritual differences threaten to rip them a part.

A young woman discovers her Aunt is her Mother. She journeys to the Caribbean in search of this Aunt who left Canada years before to follow a lover who was part of the Caribbean diaspora returning to Grenada in solidarity for the Grenada revolution.

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