Margaret Hughes

Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland

I met Margaret while minding a friend’s art gallery in St.George’s Grenada. “Where are your mother and father from?” she asked. I knew she wanted the roots, “Italy and Ireland,” i replied. This was the beginning of friendship, this was the beginning of getting intimate with my Irish side. This was the beginning of revolutionary family.  Margaret came to Grenada while studying the historical connection between Ireland and Grenada. She was led to Alister Hughes, a historian, a journalist, Grenada’s revolutionary journalist. They fell madly in love and married. Margaret in her late 60’s and Alister in his 70’s. i met them soon after and thus became the beginnings of family, community, revolutionary souls sharing space, love and a whirl of teachings!  Alister left this world a few years ago  and Margaret moved back to her beloved Ireland. And here Maya and I settle in with our old time friend leaning into our ancestral journey through the love and wisdom  of Margaret Hughes.

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