Looks Like vs What Is

Day 20

30 day/30 minute practice

Maya arrives in the kitchen to show me a recent purchase, an x-large burnt orange t-shirt. This is what she is wearing for her adventure into the city with friends today. She notices my silence before i say, “Looks like you’re not wearing anything underneath.” “But I am.” she says, and pulls up her shirt exposing cut off shorts. She rolls her eyes and heads back downstairs. I sit contemplating the words, looks like vs what is. Ok. got it. I head downstairs anticipating a change of clothes based on my limited foresee. I am happy to report she did not! She walked out of the bathroom smiling to the beat of Masego, burnt orange tshirt filling up the door.And I think yes! Damn. I wish I could be so bold, so real, so alive to self as she is this morning!

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