The Grenada Listening Project

The Grenada Listening Project

The Grenada Listening Project (TGLP) is a non-profit organization established by three Grenadian/Canadian women, myself, Sue Brathwaite and Margot Holas.

We are three women working within the field of mental health, education and community peace building; three women who share common values and principles grounded in the power of compassionate listening: listening as a form of bearing witness, of widening circles of belonging, of creating paths towards healing personal and collective trauma, and of working collectively towards transformative justice and peace.

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TGLP is deeply inspired by the works of The Compassionate Listening Project, a not for profit organization grown from many years of reconciliation work on the ground in Israel and Palestine. The Compassionate Listening Project and TGLP believe compassionate listening cultivates the wisdom of the heart enabling access to our deepest wisdom in order to transform separation and conflict into opportunity for connection, healing and peace.

TGLP believe compassionate listening is the cornerstone to transformative justice and peace. We believe in order to identify the root causes of violence, conflict, personal and collective trauma we must be able to listen not only with our intellects but with our hearts and bodies.

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Training and workshops

The Grenada Listening Project offers skills training workshops in compassionate listening/conflict transformation to individuals, community organizations, educational institutes, correctional services, and work place environments.

The workshops aim to provide courageous healing spaces where students, workers, residents, teachers, and people in general can be seen, heard and valued, empowering one another to build healthy relationships, transform conflict, enhance wellbeing and build cultures of peace.

Other GLP programs and initiatives include regular online listening circles enabling people to share stories of struggle and hope while learning and practicing compassionate listening skills. 

We also hosted and facilitated back to back online trainings in conflict transformation and compassionate listening where over forty participants (majority from Grenada) were trained in various conflict transformation skills, tools and practices with compassionate listening the foundation.