Lets Doula This.

Day 29

30 day/30 minute writing practice

Recently my work in conflict transformation/deep embodied listening has led me the opportunity to hold space for individuals and couples who are seeking someone to help process a conflict they’ve been moving through or been stuck in or can’t find a way through.

It has been an honour to hold listening spaces that enable folks to slow down; to breath; to find means of being with and in conflict without fleeing or avoiding or defending, or appeasing or trying to make things ok prematurely; to create spaces that enable folks to feel, to be in their bodies, to try on different perspectives; to reflect, explore through open honest deepening questions; to examine inherited cultural ideas, attitudes behaviours around conflict.

What an honour to work with folks individually and in relationship with one another to help birth new ways of being in conflict that is more generative, shame resilient, embodied, worthy and transformative.In the past couple years I have held space for mother and son, father and daughter, mother and daughter, friends, husband and wife and coworkers.

I have also held listening space for individuals who are not ready to meet with the person who they are in conflict with but would like to process the conflict first with someone outside the conflict.

Recently i heard someone describe this work as the work of a doula! i love that. if you are ever in need of a conflict doula give me a shout.

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