just share something….

Just share something i tell myself. Habituate a process, a critical creative reflective process in the form of this blog….

Sharing my morning pages… Reading Pema Chodron. Teachings that come to me when i need them.  I believe deeply that this is what the world needs, the work we must all do:  daily and diligently critical and compassionate self reflection.  i believe the world needs us to take responsibility for our own minds.  Understand our minds. When do we shut down? When do we stop listening? When do our opinions become walls? When do we  fall prey to our habitual conditioned patterns of blaming, judging, criticizing others, our selves? Can we make critical self reflection a habit; a habit of working on our own minds?  Can we make this a life long journey?  And of course to never stop there. With reflection comes action, conscious non-blaming, heart-led action guided by our own reflective processes.  “Reflection without action equals idealism. Action without reflection equals disaster.”

i read this morning by Ani Pema: “Without self awareness-without knowing whether we are hooked, knowing whether our heart and mind are open or closed- we’re almost sure to create confusion and pain. Our intention is to open completely to whatever arises, to experience exactly where we are as sacred ground. A confused mind perceives the world as confused. But the unfixated mind perceives the world as a pure land, a mandala of awakening.”

i take this teaching into my day and vow to stay open to whatever arises this day.

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