I am a fierce tiger, i am a tired old cotton tree….

I’ve been working with youth dealt a losing hand since birth. Working with youth now finding themselves on the ‘inside,’ their path paved by a system favoring profit over people. Working with youth marching forward regardless of adversity tripping them up, knocking them down. Working with youth who never fail to inspire with words. Beautiful metaphorical words. Sharing a poem written recently by one of them youths.

I am a fierce tiger

I am a tired old cotton tree

I am the feeling of hate

I am a harmonica

my sound  sweet


I am a fan

of Tarrus Riley

I am a brand name


I am Bathway Beach

I am a fruit

I am a grape


I am construction

I am salty fish and chips

I am general hospital

I am the writer of untold stories


I am Usain Bolt

I am the fierce Rambo

I am a festival

in the season spring

I am the country Trinidad


art image by Chris Pomeroy

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