Holding You, Holding Us up, up, up…..

This one, this precious one, right here. Met S.A. on a beach many many moons ago. You with Baby K in your arms and buckets by your side. Me getting ready to walk into the sea, you handing me baby K, “Hold her please,” while you strolled up the beach for water. I sat with baby K on a log, water reaching my toes while baby slept; wondering when you would return, praying baby K. would not wake up. 5,10, 15 minutes later, baby K. up and bawling, “what the what! Who this strange white lady!” And then appears real mommy, your sister; now my sister; now my family, thanks to you! Sister P. come and rescue both me and baby K. And soon after you come with a bucket of water in each hand smiling big. Sister P stupsing. Me grinning.

Then me coming back to the beach every day to be with you and family! Me witnessing babies flowering into grownups with babes of their own, me getting to laugh BIG, BIG, BIG, with you dear S.A. and cry too, stories held, deep and bold; witnessing your strength, courage and buoyancy, holding me up, up, up; holding us up, up, up into a friendship spilling into year after year after year.

And now, damn I haven’t seen you in months. Last time was a phone call. You come and go and go and come and I miss you fierce. So call me please. And rest of the crew see you all down on the bay sooner than soon. Hoping for Friday!

Love you Sally Anne, Patsy! And rest of the crew!

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