Holding Space. Holding Change.

Day 13

30 days/30 minute (minimum) writing practice

Reading Holding Change: the Way of Emergent Strategy Facilitation and Mediation by adrienne maree brown and a crew of warrior women who share the gift of languaging the deep spiritual work of facilitation and mediation

The first time I experienced holding space, holding change was in 1996 with a group of women from Telescope, St. Andrew’s Grenada. We embodied Grenada’s revolutionary slogan ‘Each One Teach One’. We dove into multiple ways of being with and for one another; discovering individual and collective skills, experiences and stories, witnessed with and by one another. We wrote, collaged, story quilted, danced, tie dyed, weaved straw into baskets all while holding critical conversations around personal and social challenges. These conversations organically weaved into a collection of life stories, a group story quilt, a radio play, dyed jerseys and cloths, bamboo blinds. I began to understand this is what holding space looks like. adrienne maree brown describes facilitation as making it simple to be complex with one another.

Give thanks to St. Andrew Grenadian women!!!! Thanks for the many ways and times we held space for personal and collective change reaching right back to 1996!!

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