getting closer to truth

Let’s commit to getting closer to the truth of ourselves, to the truth of others. Let’s commit to understanding where our judgments come from. How they are formed.  How seriously do we take them? Do we believe in them? Act from them? Form opinions by them? When we meet up with someone on the street with hand stretched asking us for money where do our minds go? What is the story we are telling ourselves about another? About ourselves? Do we want to know his or her story? Do we have time to listen? Can we give money while at the same time suspend, withhold judgement and simply wish the person a bless day?  Wish ourselves into minds free of judgement?

“Never decide that you know who someone is, what they did , their objective, context or goal, how they feel or what they know until you ask them. And not asking means a direct investment in not understanding the truth.”

Sarah Shulman

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