Get Free

Mereba’s song, ‘Get Free’ surfacing these days,

with headphones on, I listen.

Just listen.

I let my mind, body, heart feel it’s rhythms and words

before setting free

my own hand over keyboard

and capture

a deep longing to get free.

Anger, rage, tightness in my belly

knowing so many of us are in a ‘get by’ not a ‘get free’ kinda a way.    

How to get free?

How to get free from habitual conditions, patterns, ways of being

embedded/inherited/thrusted upon us by a dominant cultural story?  

Mereba’s song travels into my bones, tissues, flesh

reminding me over and over the work,

the journey, is to get free.

The work is to let this song

seep and stew and unfurl,


opening into spaces of who I am

beneath stories I did not create

but am now responsible.

How to dismantle, flick off, unravel, derail, untangle dictated versions of self?

Is their space in our lives to ‘get free’,  

to hear that longing in the rhythm of a song,

to feel our nervous systems

going off in the middle of the night;

hearts beating, throats tightening, bellies deep diving?  

Can we pay attention to our bodies telling us,

Enough. Enough.

It is time to build, deepen, nurture conditions/containers,

strengthen intentions for ‘get free’ practices.

Don’t let the practice of distraction persist, endure, become

who we think we are, or may be.

How to become more and more intentional and attentional,

develop skills to show up for one self and others,

spacious and present,

show up

full bodied, open hearted, brilliant minded.

As reverend angel says,

show up to the intelligences of body, heart, mind, gut and groin

(Yes! The groin too has an intelligence. If we could connect with this source of intelligence

there would be less and less sexual violence destroying our families and communities.)

The collective dominant story is a mash up,

lock up,

power up,

wipe out, 

eradicate people’s truth,

people’s natural, beautiful, inherently worthy self-truths.

The universe is longing for us

to be raw, beautiful, confused, raging, loving, quaking, fucked up, messed up, exquisitely real.  

the universe is longing for us

to get free!

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