Fucked Up Beat of Distraction

Day Eighteen

Writing Practice

Stuck. Stuck. Stuck. How does one be stuck on the first day of a brand new month? Isn’t there supposed to be an energy of tenacity on the first day of a month? Where are you tenaciousness? That word. That beautiful delicious word. Really? You love writing? If you love writing so much why aren’t you writing? Because because because because…. Just because.  Be here now. Be here now. This may be my first tattoo. Be. Here. now. Be here now. Feel the frustration of not coming to the writing more easily, for getting distracted over and over; distraction after distraction.  Jeez how many fucking interpretations of Will Smith’s outbreak can one watch? Russel Brand my fav. How to continue to put structures in place in order to get free, free from this fucked up, attention thieving system that seeps into our pores blames us for not having will power and determination knowing THEY got our minds orchestrated to the beat of addiction. These uncanny colonial systems pulling our collective strings to pay attention to nonsense at the Oscars. Oh the fucked up beat of distraction you got me frustrated this day. Not our fault, but our responsibility I hear rev angel say. Our responsibility to get unstuck.

photo by Todd Trapani

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