From Loathing to Celebrating

Day 9

30 Days/30 minute (minimum) practice

Introduced to tattoo artist Carrie Metz-Caporusso last night while sharing company with dear sister Nelly!!!  Carrie Metz-Caporusso honors, celebrates, reveres women’s plus size bodies with dazzling tattoos! Experiencing her flower roll tattoos put a glorious smile on my face. Honoring our bodies. Unapologetically. The body is Not an Apology, comes to mind, Sonya Renee Taylor (!

Memory. Canada. Visiting mom and dad. The word, “disgusting” reaches me through the sliding door.  Mom watching me from the living room putting my bathing suit on. Disgusting directed to my nakedness. I thought holy fuck such deep damage this fucked up system has done to women’s exquisite bodies.

This body. This belly is my mother’s body. Malleable. Doughy. Ample.

And we’ve both lived a lifetime loathing.  

Many of us will spend lifetimes never reconciling with our bodies.

I believe it will take generations before we can rid ourselves of this violent story, a story of revulsion for bodies not fitting the norm of whiteness, thinness, defineness, ableness,  gender congruency ness…. And while we rid collectively and personally may we continue writing/creating/painting/singing/performing/dancing new stories, exquisite stories!

Proud to be part of this collective healing process.  

All to say when my friend Nelly showed me Carrie Metz-Caporusso art I smiled gloriously  flirting with the idea of a belly roll tattoo!

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