Free Up Our Bold Deserving Selves

Sitting on my friend Kelti’s veranda in company with kin: a piece of sun peeping from the house across the rd, a giant maple, an assortment of plants, and a red hibiscus to remind me of home across the sea. Settling into day one 30 day/30 minute writing practice:

Last night a dear friend of mom’s asks if I’m working on another book. I say, two half-complete novels and four short stories are resting on my hard drive. And then I say (without knowing I was going to say), what excites me more these days then the goal of publishing is to share the vitality of writing as a tool for personal and collective freedom. An eye roll from mom and a curious grin from mom’s friend. Our fish tacos arrive.

This morning i write: i want to share writing as a practice of freeing up our bold deserving selves so we can get on with what the natural world might be calling us to do, to be.


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