Footsteps and privilege

“Perhaps one day the world, our world wont be upside down, and then any newborn human being will be welcome. Come. Come in. Enter. The entire earth will be your kingdom. Your legs will be your passport, valid forever.”

Eduardo Galeano

Maya and I have embarked on an ancestral journey. Italy and Ireland. We arrived. Bray, County of Wicklow, yesterday. Welcome. Come. Come in. Enter. The entire island is yours to explore, to gather your ancestor’s stories. Two hours before leaving for Ottawa airport we call Theo  “We are on our way!” our back packs leaning up against the door. “safe travels,” cheerfully said before telling us his own news, his visitor’s visa to Canada has failed once again. Third time Theo will fill out visa forms, third time he will pay over $100 to courier application to Canadian embassy in Trinidad, third time he will travel to Town to withdraw Canadian bank draft to pay visa application fees.   Perhaps one day the world wont be so upside down and Theo with all the other human habitants of this earth will also be welcomed. Come. Come in. Enter. Welcomed as Maya and I have and will be.   We  walk gently, humbly with these privileges, conscious of these footsteps. Conscious of these unearned gifts of freedom.

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