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For over 20 years I’ve called myself a facilitator; from grassroots and institutional spaces that included community workshops, diploma and informal programs, conferences, and university and village settings.

I am learning more and more how deeply facilitation is an art form, a practice, a way of being in community and building relationship with oneself, others, the environment, with one’s past and future, with the generative forces of conflict inside and outside of all of us.

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For 15 years I was an associate facilitator at the Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia co creating programs and spaces with and for community leaders throughout the world. 

I facilitated the Community Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding course for close to 10 years; as well as the Foundations Leadership course in Adult Education and Personal Transformation, the Global Youth Leadership, People’s Community Health, and Cooperative Inquiry programs. 

For over 20 years in Grenada I’ve facilitated and co-facilitated a variety of informal and formal educational spaces, building wise, strong, healthy relationships with self, community and environment as the founding principle to the work . 

I am honored and humbled for all that I have learned, unlearned and integrated into the very core of my being. I walk this earth more courageously and authentically because of the work, because of this life!

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STAY TUNED for upcoming 2021 workshops, programs, and listening circles. Come step into the collective and explore, embody what real power, love, justice and healing feel like in our personal, interpersonal and community relationships.

Themes for 2021 include ‘Story Making, Sharing, Listening and Exchanging’; ‘Writing to Listen. Writing to Heal.’; ‘Conflict the Practice/Listening the Path’; ‘White Folks’ Work: Awakening to Whiteness/Embodying Radical Responsibility’; Monthly Listening Circles and more!!

Past workshops


“Maureen is a very special and skilled facilitator. Gently able to bring everyone along, helping us feel comfortable, helping us understand and learn, nurturing a sense of communion as well as special uniqueness.”
“Maureen generated much positive energy, facilitated connections and produced joy. After only 2 hours, everyone present voiced deep appreciation, and I think many of us felt awe.”
“I looked forward to each session and came away reflective, refreshed, and thankful for the facilitators and other participants.”

“A big burst of love for facilitation as a practice and toolset, a way of being with each other and in community with the world.”

adrienne maree brown