Eight Month’s Gratitude

Blessed thanks to beloved North End community where Maya and i dwelled for eight months.

Big Shout out to The Nook on Gottingen where Maya found work and transformed into a humble warrior Barista, community member, harm reduction supporter and worker! Give thanks to this café, a safe space for many folks needing warmth, community, coffee, bagel, a bathroom to ease the pain of life on the streets. Big shout out to all folks working as allies and advocates and supporters with and for this warrior community.

Give thanks to Sobaz and In My Own Voice Arts Association, iMOVe!  Thanks for this beloved community! Thanks for opportunity to circle with Inspire crew! For drumming and laughing and sharing and being vulnerable and alive and free to be! Just be! Thank you dear brother Sobaz for all you do, be, share and love! i/We love you fierce!

Give thanks to Sobaz, Lillian and your beloved family! For inviting us into the fold! For bringing in 2022 with us! For Boxing Day kitchen vibes, for Bella and Mr. Wilson, for breakfasts at Ardmore Tea Room, coffees at the nook, walks in the woods, our trip to Peggys Cove and so so so so so much more! Love you BIG BIG BIG dear Lillian!

Give thanks for LOVE (Leave Out the Violence) Nova Scotia! For inviting maya and i into your beloved community! Maya circling with LOVE youth and Sobaz and I circling leadership team! Blessed love Findley and Dennis and rest of the LOVE crew!  Love you deep dear brothers!

Give thanks to you, dear warrior sister Shila! From day one folding Maya and I into your BIG heart and welcoming us into your community, your family! Gratitude for all your invites into connection AND for our first gig working together! Big up with love and appreciation to the POSSE (Peer Outreach Support Services and Education) Project!!!! An honour working with youth leaders alongside you dear Shila! 

Big Up to dear sistren Nanci Lee for your generous home for the month of November; for sharing your soul space, for the trees that remain strong and proud in your city back yard, for your love and generosity of presence; for your powerful heart, will and teachings! Love you fierce dear sis!

Blessed love and appreciation to our dear brother Pazo and his/our beloved community! Grateful to be in NS when one of our dear brothers battling for life. Grateful to be part of this beloved Antigonish community in ‘we nah give up hope’ for you dear lion brother Pazo. Love you fierce Pazo, Jan, Mikey and the rest of the crew!  

Blessed love and thanks to Café Lara for housing my art show October/November “May it Be So”!  A sold out show inside and outside the café!

Blessed thanks to Halifax public libraries North End and Spring Garden. Books. Books. Books and more books for Maya and I to escape and learn and learn some more! Gratitude for Trident Books and Cafe, to Steve a Renos Cafe, to Nova Scotia National Art Gallery, to Barrington Street’s Venus Envy and DeSerres art store.

Love and appreciation to neighbors Andrew and Kristine for your love and kindness, holiday care packages, and walks in the cold dear brother Andrew! Love you dear friends!

 Thank you dear Merideth for opportunity to house and plant sit for you our last two and half months!  Thanks for this beautiful humble home full of books and plants and blessed vibes!  

Give thanks dear mother earth kin for your seasons! From summer to fall to winter! The abundance of your changing moods keeping us on our toes. From the brilliance of full body fall colours to ancient old soul trees bare and beautiful!

Abiding in Gratitude!

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