Earth Strong Kayla

Earth Strong Kayla

The day you were born I asked the nurse if I could be there in the delivery room.   Your mom already said yes with a familiar laugh that said also “you mad oui.” She didn’t have to say no cause the nurse said it instead when she pointed to the outdoor waiting room. I sat on the steps outside Mirabeau Hospital and took out my book. A couple hours later you were born!

And so began our journey together! I first time God (dess) Mom and you first time citizen to Mother Earth!

I remember Infinite mornings and afternoons on Telescope beach with the rest of the Telescope Crew. Floating, swimming, running, walking up and down the shore. Our old dog, Shake chasing you all into the water.

Christmas and birthdays walking down the Bay carrying some kind of sweet offerings, cakes, chocolate chip cookies, banana and oat breads .  How fast you grew. Your body blossoming in to maturity at such a young age. The men noticing. The wolf in me noticing the men noticing you.   I spent many moments telling those men to get their eyes off you cause you were 12, 13, 14…  I wanted to stick a sign on the front of your shirt “I am 12 years old. Fuck off”

Then you turned mother yourself and I Grand God (dess) Mother and I wished the mother wolf in me could slow down time but alas time is time and you are Kayla and I am so damn proud of you for never giving up, for always moving forward, for never losing sight of the love, courage and strength you possess within! I/we love you dear Kayla. Stay Blessed. Blessed Birth day! And of course big love and gratitude to your Mom for bringing you into this world. One Love.


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