Community in Practice

Joined once again brother Gibran Rivera and beloved community to collectively hold one another

as we commit to daily practices of meditation, conscious eating, creative focus, exercise and early morning wakings

all while waxing and waning with the January moon.

I commit to a daily piece of writing (one hour minimum).

I commit to




fuckedupness and boredom

conquering distraction.

I commit to sharing publicly each day,

practicing non attachment;

practicing showing up

showing up

showing up

showing up

showing real

each day!  

I commit to

not getting it right,

to writing shitty first drafts,

to being free

and vulnerable

and awkward

and brave

and small

and big  

and big

and small

May it be so. May it be so. May it be so.

I re commit over and over

writing as   

my bang, my song, my weapon, my passion, my gift

in, with, and for this world

I commit to seeing and being seen

free from attachment

with love, warmth and tenderness.

I commit to NOT letting this violent, dominant, deadening system

seep into my body, bones and heart

I commit to

strengthening habits of

healing, loving, rolling fingers across keyboard   

finding stories, poems, memories,

critical and creative reflections calling, calling, calling ….

Today is a good day to fight the system

through words,


saying no to distraction

and yes to stillness,




attention and intention.

May it be so. May it be so. May it be so.

maureen st.clair

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