Colour and Move

“Intention is the core of all conscious life.

Conscious intention colors

and moves everything.

Master Hsing Tun

Intention: Today I commit publicly and boldly to this blog. Over recent months I slipped off the path, the path of intention. If I slip again I will get back up with less judgement, more compassion. I will give myself nothing more, nothing less then thirty minutes towards this blog daily. Other daily writing intentions: morning pages and a collection of short stories.

And yes I have other work and pleasure too: coordinating upcoming conflict transformation/peacebuilding courses and workshops; commission for an art consultancy company; the grind of daily chores; mothering a 16 year old daughter; presence and communication with a lovely gentle ‘free up’ partner; in community with my whole self; walks, yoga and sitting meditation. What I know I must give up: social media and emails during the day; perfect sentences and paragraphs; pressing snooze buttons. What I have to do more of: set timers to stay in my seat for longer periods of time and focus; set and tape daily intentions throughout the house; document, document, document…. and watch my world color and move!


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