Bearing Witness

I am reading beautiful book by Bernie Glassman: Bearing Witness a Zen Master’s Lessons in Making Peace. The teachings open us to right action by challenging us to plunge into the unknown, to the questions not the answers. How can we be radically present to our suffering world without pretending to have the answers? How do we open ourselves up, crack ourselves open, and be present for the hard truths within us and within our world?

Glassman says by bearing witness to every situation no matter how difficult or offensive, right action can occur. By knowing we are all human, we all suffer, we all have stories, complicated stories we can find compassion and healing and ways of moving in this world that ignites right action, hope and more right action and more hope….

The book is grounded in people’s stories, hard hopeful stories and i am deeply grateful for the teachings… DSCN0350


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