beat by beat

My inspiration

I started painting when I was pregnant with Maya. I felt the tiny gentle curve of her body furrowed within while dreaming early childhood dreams; bodies dipping and diving, twirling and tumbling, disappearing and reappearing; incessantly changing shapes and keeping me awake at night. 

These wondrous bodies and beings appeared in my dreams twenty years later here in Grenada with Maya curled up in my womb. They came alive on canvas soon after she was born inspired not just by dreams but by art and life; influenced by women worldwide walking, dancing, demonstrating, celebrating, revolutionizing!


The paintings are internationally known and hang in group and personal collections throughout the world. They have been used as official logos for various non-profit organizations such as the World Health Organization/Grenada Health Organization as well as logos for books and social justice events. 

I have original paintings, giclee prints and cards available. I also paint commissioned pieces! Contact me if interested.