Maureen St Clair

I’m an artist, peace educator, community facilitator, conflict resolution trainer, activist, writer and life-long learner. Born and raised in Canada, I have lived and worked in Grenada for over 25 years with my Grenadian partner and daughter, Theo and Maya.

I am deeply passionate about connections, entanglements, intersections, unravelling and weaving of relationships and the power of deep receptive compassionate listening in transforming interpersonal and community based conflict.

I facilitate community-based conflict transformation and  peace-building training programs in Canada and Grenada working with community leaders from throughout the world.

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As a collaborator, I co-create brave inclusive spaces enabling people collectively to do the work of self and community building and healing with a social justice and trauma informed lens.

I am deeply honoured my women-positive paintings  grace the walls of public and private spaces throughout the world. My artwork has also been used as official logos for various non-profit organizations such as the World Health Organization/Grenada Health Organization as well as logos for books and social justice events.

As a creative collaborator I am interested in working with other artists to create art in all its glorious forms. This co-creation was part of Blue Goat Theatre’s 24 hour dance festival where 30 artists (writers, dancers and musicians) came together from around the world to create a performance piece.

I was honoured to be co creators with with Hiie Saumaa (dancer) and Marion Plouviez (creative designer and musician), two artists extraordinaire from France! The poem Electric Ocean was written and read by me! You can read Electric Ocean on my blog.


I am also honoured to be an award winning Canadian/Grenadian author, winning the Nova Scotia Atlantic Writers Award and the Beacon Award for Social Justice Literature. My novel, Big Island, Small was published by Fernwood Publishing 2018.

I am presently working on a collection of short stories exploring complicated relationships that embrace the full catastrophe and exquisite joy of life.

We are living in such chaotic and uncertain times and simultaneously times of waking and showing up to what real power, love and justice looks in our personal and collective movements. 

My work is a collaboration of visual, written and building brave spaces to tend to our full human catastrophe and our full human brilliance.

“The kind of change we are after is cellular as well as institutional, is personal and intimate, is collective as well as cultural. We are making love synonymous with justice.” 

Prentice Hemphill