A Small Mighty Island

Woke up this morning to Maurice Bishop’s voice soaring through the Village air. Every year, March 13th our neighbour plays on his boombox recordings of Bishop’s revolutionary speeches marking the anniversary of the Grenada People’s Revolution, March 13, 1979!

I lie in bed thinking of Haiti’s Revolution, the first Free Black Republic in the world and man did they pay for this freedom and are still paying for this freedom through generations and generations of Empire retributions, manipulations, punishment, environmental catastrophe’s, plundering this Caribbean country into generations and generations of violence. Many folks today watch mainstream news with no historical/imperical context and form conscious and unconscious racist opinions!

And Palestine’s unimaginable atrocities, under the thumb of Super Powers for what, for what …. the tyranny of these Superior systems living outside and inside all of us, tying us up; tying us up in fear and greed and righteousness and more fear, more greed more hate, and fear, greed, shame and and and and…. for what! for what!

And Today, March 13th marks the day a Small Mighty Island courageous and bold stood up to the Powers that Be and forged forward for the people and with the people…

May we all find our courage and bold to stand up and speak out, to learn and unlearn, to speak truth to power in the name of love, revolutionary love!

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