Serious Shit Going on

There is some serious shit going down up on the north end of the island, total destruction of Levera National Park to build a 2 billion dollar resort and golf course. Heart breaking. There are so many ways to be in harmony with the earth to create meaningful work opportunities (not just work that involves serving/cleaning up after the wealthy).

Such lack of imagination and progressive ecological-centered thinking/envisioning on part of governments! Where is our national capacity to imagine/dream/co create something different! Something more aligned with eco consciousness and respect. What about learning from other countries like Costa Rica to envision and dream something different rather than sell out to Singapore and China to build yet another monstrous resort ripping apart the very earth that breaths and sustains us.

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchel we know you can do better! We know you have it in you to be different, do different, shine different! We’ve experienced this from you already! We nah giving up on you! We going to love you back into your moral and ecological values/principles/practices so you can use your power to do right by Grenada and all her inhabitants (human and non-human).

On Saturday in solidarity with Mama Earth and the Grenada Land Actors, a small and mighty group of passionate folks who are doing more than just nodding their heads in deep grief and shame; not like the many of us on the sidelines, immobilized by the magnitude of violence, capitalist systems sinking their teeth into the very marrow of humanity by destroying the very earth that breathes us all. The power of a few truly shone forth Saturday afternoon witnessing/listening/ wooping YES! YES! YES! to voices and victories! BIG SHOUT OUT to Grenada Land Actors (GLA)and rest of Grenadians and diaspora fighting this fight!

At this event A young Grenadian/Canadian spoke so passionately to Prime Minster Dickon Mitchel, “think of the ancestors, she pleaded, think of what a slap in the face, what utter disrespect, what a blight on their legacy for liberation, to have to witness today same imperialist powers ravishing and destroying the very land/earth the ancestors fought for. For what? An outrageously enormous resort to serve the rich and powerful.

One of the victories shared, on Wednesday March 8th, 2023 the Court of Appeal of the ECSC ruled the case against the Planning and Development Authority of Grenada (PDA) and the three developers at La Sagesse, Mt Hartman and Levera will have to answer at a public trial, GLA’s allegations that it breached its statutory duties in granting permission to the three developers. Never estimate the power of the people on the ground!

Check Grenada Land Actors here:

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