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As our present world struggles with violence globally, nationally, and on a community level our children also struggle with and are affected by violence on a daily basis. Violence in the homes, communities and schools is rising due to hard economic times, lack of conscious and nurturing parenting, children becoming parents in their adolescents, lack of social programs in communities and schools and many other factors that contribute to the cycle of oppression and violence.

The recently formed Harford Village Peace Workers believe this cycle can be broken by providing and teaching kids the opposite of violence - peace, love, compassion, empathy and respect for oneself and others. We believe teaching kids living values and peace building skills is as fundamental as teaching our kids reading, writing, and mathematics. We also believe teaching living values and peace building skills should be part of children's everyday learning within schools, families and communities. Just as reading, writing and arithmetic are important subjects in school so should communication, leadership and conflict resolution skills be essential subjects in educational environments.

The Harford Village Peace Workers are a small group of concerned community members who are presently facilitating a children's peace program within the village community as well as out reach peace workshops in various secondary and primary schools in Grenada. The main objective of peace program is to provide a safe, positive and child friendly environment where kids feel safe, respected and valued while engaged in various expressions of art that promote living values and cultures of peace.

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