Community Programs: Past Projects

September 7th, 2004 Hurricane Ivan devastated the Island. 95% of the islands infrastructure and agricultural sector was either destroyed or severely damaged this included homes, schools, hospitals, churches and majority of islands export crops banana, cocoa and nutmeg. To assist Grenadian friends and family in their efforts to start their lives over again, we raised funds both here in Canada and Grenada. Majority of the funds helped buy building materials for the most vulnerable families in the village; reconstruct Early Childhood Development Centre in St. Patricks, secure funds for a small women's textile cooperative in Telelscope, St. Andrews; and provide start up funds for a non-profit arts and crafts collective that focused on education and pariticpation through community arts and crafts programs.

Other past projects include "Peace through Art" programs that involved building and creating safe, positive and empowering environments where kids have the opportunity to discuss, identify and explore peace building strategies using various expressions of art, including dance, spoken word, story telling, drama and visual arts.

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