I am an artist,
peace educator,
community facilitator,
mother,daughter, sister, writer,
friend, ally, truth seeker
self reflecter,
lover of life!

This website is for those who:
find a sense of peace and power within art;
interested in youths, community, transformation, peace, colors, figures, and simplicity;
want to know more about art as a catalyst for personal, community and social transformation;

This website is also for those:
interested in supporting, encouraging and inspiring youth/children peace programs through
contributions to various programs,
sharing resources, creative ideas, lived experiences, constructive feedback and
encouraging words.

And for those:
who would like to purchase original art
giclees prints,
and/ or
commission an original painting!

Stay tuned for new paintings, updates on community peace programs and a blog postings and a novel in progress!

One Love
Maureen St. Clair