Community Programs: Past, Present and Future

My family and I live on the north east side of the island in Harford Village, St. Andrew. I have lived here for the past 20 years. My husband, Theo, and daughter, Maya were both born in the village. We share a special relationship with and are a big part of the extended community family. Theo and I have worked on various community projects and continue to be involved in community based programs focusing presently on community youth development.

Recently a friend of mine described my Art Work as Heart Work and it made me think more seriously of why I do what I do: paint human beings celebrating their lives, their selves. My Grenada family, friends, and community are the foundation of my Heart work. They have taught me hope, strength, resilience, courage and resourcefulness in the face of life's difficult moments. I have learned and continue to learn the fine balance between hope and despair and the power of music, dance, storytelling, poetry, and laughter in healing and revolutionizing.

Along with painting I work as a community/peace worker and have been involved in coordinating and facilitating various community programs in Grenada for the past 15 years; programs such as: a community craft and literacy program, a women's empowerment program; an artisan cooperative; and presently various community youth development programs.

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